11 Notable 52wk HIGHS [EOD20130410] $REGN $BBSI $WDC $VRTS $TM $CSGP $FMX $DIS $ANDE $TMO $SYK

11 Notable 52wk HIGHS Screened By Finviz & Ranked By IBD SmartSelect:

ticker symbols:

screening method:

1. first, using these following 12 finviz screen criteria:

  • positive institutional transactions
  • short float <5%
  • gap up
  • performance1 today up
  • performance2 YTD +10%
  • above 20dma
  • above 50dma
  • above 200dma
  • 52wk high
  • relative volume over 100%
  • price over $50
  • closed above previous 52 wk high

2. second, i screened the list further using the following IBD criteria:

  • composite rating 80 or greater
  • eps rating rating 70 or greater
  • rs rating rating 80 or greater

rank by IBD SmartSelect after screening: (csv format)

No.,Symbol,Company Name,Composite Rating,EPS Rating,RS Rating
1,REGN,Regeneron Pharmaceutical,99,80,90
2,BBSI,Barrett Business Svcs,99,90,98
3,WDC,Western Digital Corp,98,95,91
4,VRTS,Virtus Investment Ptnrs,98,80,98
5,TM,Toyota Motor Corp Adr,97,95,86
6,CSGP,Costar Group Inc,96,93,90
7,FMX,Fomento Econ Mex Sab Ads,95,94,88
8,DIS,Walt Disney Company,91,71,81
9,ANDE,Andersons Inc,88,79,84
10,TMO,Thermo Fisher Scientific,85,86,91
11,SYK,Stryker Corp,80,82,80

top ranked chart: $REGN


stubby’s chart commentary:

  • yesterday i included 2 charts of $REGN. however, a classic shooting star candlestick formation lead me to call $REGN bearish. today that proved wrong. i read the sentiment of the candlestick over the other more bullish chart features i discussed. i also read the sentiment of the whole market incorrectly bearish.
  • i hold no position in $REGN and don’t plan on getting in considering i am already up $AMGN $BIIB $CELG & $GILD. i will reconsider $REGN after another correction in the stock.


  1. I am already long full positions in $TM, $CSGP, $DIS & went long $WDC today 1/2 position. watching $BBSI very closely for long entry, perhaps tomorrow.

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