stubby’s notable 52wk high stubbyscreen criteria

REVISIONS: may-1-2013: included in my finviz screen, the “change from open” parameter is now set to UP and no longer the screen default of ANY.

NOTE: this screen is for educational purposes only and can be replicated as is with no guarantee or warrantee of any results if used. you will need an IBD account to rank them accordingly.

stubby’s screening method: (the actual instance of the Finviz screen i run at EOD.)

  • screen from all 6400+ stocks listed at
  • must close above previous 52 wk high
  • positive institutional transactions
  • short float <5%
  • gap up
  • performance1 today up
  • performance2 YTD +10%
  • above 20dma
  • above 50dma
  • above 200dma
  • 52wk high
  • relative volume over 100%
  • price over $50
  • change form open is up (added may-1-2013)

stubby’s ranking criteria using IBD SmartSelect: (you’ll need an IBD account to see all rank criteria.)

  • composite rating 80 or greater
  • eps rating rating 70 or greater
  • rs rating rating 80 or greater


  1. stubbystock portfolio review [EOD20130530] $MDSO $CPA $FLT $GILD $CREE top list by IBD rank | Stubby Brown's WS Finance

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