• during yesterday’s (20130612) rout, i unloaded $COO $CBRL $IEP $V.
  • today i picked up some stocks that were on my radar this week and last week such as $HBI $OCN $RKT.
  • these that i picked up today $GMCR $LNKD $MDSO $ROST $TRIP were based on improving technical indicators.
  • stocks that popped up on my radar today that i don’t hold but find interesting are $CYH $LL $PRAA $RH.
  • i also like the following that were on my watch list for this passed monday $AMG $VRX $CAM $WDR $UHS $BEAV $COG $GILD $DNKN $BIIB $HEI $ASPS $WDC $TYL $LIFE $FLT $CSGP $BBSI.
  • i also trimmed back my $VXX position but still hold some.
  • top performers i help prior to today $AE +7.8%, $CME +2.57%, $MGA 2.15%, $CBOE +1.88%, $FNGN +1.83%, $CELG 1.82%, $NKE +0.57%, $MMLP +0.07%
  • newly added holdings finished $MDSO +3.8%, $RKT 3.71% $OCN +3.58%, $LNKD +2.93%, $ROST 2.85%, $GMCR 2.18%, $TRIP +2.09%, $HBI 1.91%

new holdings charts:

mdso_daily_20130613 rkt_daily_20130613 ocn_daily_20130613 lnkd_daily_20130613 rost_daily_20130613 gmcr_daily_20130613 trip_daily_20136013 hbi_daily_20130613 rkt_daily_20130613

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