About Stubby

my name is michael james. i’m an entrepreneur of 15 yrs+ in IT & health care and an avid individual wall street trader. my early professional background is in mechanical engineering with over 10 yrs+ work experience in new product development and manufacturing with a division of H-P that is now a part of Agilent Technologies. i am also an ordained baptist minister serving as associate minister of information technology at Canaan Baptist Church in New Castle, DE, USA. i’m happily married and have 2 (nearly grown) children.


there is a plethora of material to be found on the web extolling the benefits of investing and trading for individual investors. however, except for a fee, very little can be found to guide them toward developing their own rewarding trading techniques and methodologies. so my blog seeks to fill a part of that void and strictly exists to articulate my wall street trading thesis (why), my trading methodology (how) & my progress. i am an individual trader and am still learning. i have never worked professionally investing or trading stocks nor have i invested or traded stocks for anyone except for myself and my family. all information shared is for illustration and learning purposes only and is not intended to be investment or trading advice.


1. there is NO ONE REASON OR METHOD to/for investing and trading that works for everyone all the time. so don’t be disappointed if you can not find my SECRET method posted anywhere. however many viable methods there are, most important: establish a sound set of GROUND RULES, be disciplined and follow them daily. these GROUND RULES encompass what some call their ‘core principles’ of a META INVESTMENT THESIS.

2. be flexible and open minded to new trading ideas because market forces often change the behavior and pattern of capital flow. having a set of ground rules will help keep focus on investment goals. so you say be disciplined and maintain rules but be flexible too? yes, because a notorious trap to AVOID is HUBRIS, ARROGANCE, FEAR & GREED. “uncertainty” rules all financial markets but it doesn’t have to rule you. pride precedes a fall where i come from.

3. NO ONE has enough money in the world to manipulate the entire market even though that’s what some folks want you to believe. in addition, NO ONE has a crystal ball and NO ONE can predict with absolute certainty the outcome of political, economic, psychological or social behavior. this is why i have ground rules: to force sources of error to the margin as much as possible. as a result, i’ve learned to be defensive with my investing and aggressive at the same time.

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  1. #1 by Bose E. Agnew on 2013/05/12 - 9:40 am

    Nice site Mike. Take a look at NVTL, USTL, and XLF. I can see you do not play with penny stocks. Thanks!

    • #2 by stubbybrown on 2013/05/12 - 10:32 am

      yes, no penny stocks. that world is very very opaque for many reasons. I watch spdr etfs primary for sector weighting purposes or for filling in market cap participation.

      the others u mentioned haven’t crossed my screening n scanning criteria. I’ll take a look this evening. thanks a lot Bose for connecting. I always remember our HP days fondly!

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