6 notable 52wk HIGHS [EOD20130423] $CPA $ECL $TUP $SHW $WHR $PG

6 Notable 52wk HIGHS screened  & ranked using  Finviz & IBD respectively

ticker symbols:

  • $CPA $ECL $TUP $SHW $PG $WHR in order of rank. see below for more details.
  • these charts & quotes above are provided by finviz.com.

screening method:

  • screen from all 6400+ stocks listed at finfiz.com
  • must close above previous 52 wk high
  • positive institutional transactions
  • short float <5%
  • gap up
  • performance1 today up
  • performance2 YTD +10%
  • above 20dma
  • above 50dma
  • above 200dma
  • 52wk high
  • relative volume over 100%
  • price over $50

rank criteria using IBD SmartSelect:

  • composite rating 80 or greater
  • eps rating rating 70 or greater
  • rs rating rating 80 or greater

ranking results: (csv format)

No.,Symbol,Company Name,Composite Rating,EPS Rating,RS Rating,YTD perf
1,CPA,Copa Holdings Sa,99,83,91,23.87%
2,ECL,Ecolab Inc,97,91,81,16.89%
3,TUP,Tupperware Brands Corp,96,91,92,31.40%
4,SHW,Sherwin-Williams Co,89,86,86,18.33%
5,PG,Procter & Gamble,88,70,81,22.57%
6,WHR,Whirlpool Corp,88,79,95,20.45%

top ranked chart: $CPA


stubby’s chart commentary on today’s top rank chart:

  • today CPA broke through horizontal resistance @ 120, gapping up on greater than average vol and closed @ 123.19, above it’s previous 52wk high by 0.83%.
  • all indicators i watch are rising STOCHASTICS, MACD, RSI(14), MONEY FLOW INDEX, ACCUMULATION, CCI(20).
  • the candle formation is characteristic of a shooting star (bearish). however all the other signals overwhelmingly mitigate 1 possible blemish.
  • the finviz chart (to the right above) shows CPA in a upward channel trend line with the price at the very top line. because the stock broke out over the horizontal resistance line with a lot of momentum, it would be reasonable to expect the momentum to continue breaking higher above the trend line. in addition to note, previous encounters with the upper trend line were at extremely overbought RSI levels which isn’t the case yet. RSI is 67.46 and anything > 70 is considered hot & overbought but high momentum stocks are known to run up into the high 8o’s before retreating. so we’ll see.
  • i am already long CPA 1-1/4 position cost @ 113.2. therefore i intend to remain neutral in this overweight position. my next buy point to consider would likely be when the 100 DMA or 50DMA catches up with the stock price, depending on market sentiment at the time.

upcoming earnings & new analyst ratings:


  1. I am long full positions in CPA (overweight), ECLTUP

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