12 new stubbystock HIGHS [EOD20130520] $ACT $ASML $AXP $C $CBRL $CVI $GS $OCN $SAIA $TM $TRIP $VAL

charts & quotes 

ranked table of highs

No.1 rank chart TRIP and commentary

  • this stock recently break out and will let the holding ride. no plans to make any changes till another entry pattern develops.
  • all these names in the table above finished positive for the days. other names made highs but finished negative. those were JPM WDR PNC UNF BDC MELI GILD VRTS EXP TYL FEIC.


other setups to watch in todays 52wk highs list

  • CVI – breaking out on high volume through a resistance level of 65. i added 1/4 pos today. fresh off of a weekly MACD xUP last week.
  • OCN – continuing to move higher after breaking out of a long consolidation on may-10. weekly MACD xUP at breakout. 42.2 was the level i was watching. today closed at 44.31. i bought additional 1/4 a few days after and will maintain neutral for now. still not too late for entry.
  • VAL likely to continue to make new new highs after weekly MACD xUP during the week before last. still time for entry this week.

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  1. #1 by Mark on 2013/05/21 - 9:55 am

    Great job!
    All the info needed just in one table with the ATHs singled on the right side of the table.
    Can we have the whole table in one piece without scrolling or is it too much? LOL
    Thanks again!

  2. #2 by stubbybrown on 2013/05/21 - 10:03 am

    thanks, mark! i’m experimenting w/embeded google spreadsheets. every new list i publish requires lots of tweaking at this point with this feature to get the sheet to fit w/o scrolling. that’s one of the trade offs.

  3. #3 by Mark on 2013/05/21 - 1:28 pm

    Thank you!

  4. #4 by stubbybrown on 2013/05/21 - 7:35 pm

    alright, i tweaked it. it works better this way on my iphone too.

  5. #5 by Mark on 2013/05/22 - 10:06 am

    Looks good!

  6. #6 by Mark on 2013/05/22 - 10:12 am


    This is the most precious website for the trend followers which you can find (and any kind of investor).
    Too bad that only two of us know about it.LOL
    This should be promoted somehow!!.

    This is my basic tool from now.
    Too bad that I am 100% invested already but I will be watching your site like hawk!


    • #7 by stubbybrown on 2013/05/22 - 10:24 am

      hi mark, thank you so much for the compliments. the site and my ideas are definitely a work in progress. site visitation is increasing. will start to articular more on how i do portfolio management. over the last 6 yrs i have learned diversification, proper balance & alternative asset allocation to equities are even more import than before. that’s how i manage my overall risk. in addition, i buy fractional positions (not fractional shares) and work up from there to a specified holding amount if the market permits. that’s where the technical tools come in. so more this soon! 😀

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