9 stubbyselect mentions [EOD20130529] $CVI $BIIB $FLT $GILD $VRX and more

symbols in alphabetical order: ACT, BIIB, COG, CVI, FLT, GILD, LIFE, VRX, WDC

disclosure: stubby is long FLT, GILD, WDC

finviz charts: in alphabetical order

stubbyselect criteria:

  1. population of equities scanned: IBD50, IBD BigCap 20, IBD NewAmerica, IBD 8585, IBD MainTable, ST50, BarChart Top100. date of lists as of 2013-05-27
  2. stock price > 50 daily
  3. percent shares held by institutions ranks between 75.00 and max (worden tc2000 specific)
  4. latest short interest ratio ranks between min and 75.00 (worden tc2000 specific)
  5. YTD % change > 40
  6. price history above 20DMA
  7. price history above 50DMA
  8. short float <5% (filtered @ finviz)
  9. IBD composite rating: 80 or up
  10. IBD rs rating: 80 or up
  11. IBD eps rating: 70 or up (results sorted in that order to obtain rank)
  12. NOTE: today’s stubbyselect screen was NOT the same as yesterday’s. today;s list of stocks is not focused around any particular technical signal or indicator. so today’s list is very general. in the future i will start categorizing stubbyselect criteria in more defined classifications.



results & ranking:

worden charts of top 5:






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  1. stubbystock portfolio review [EOD20130530] $MDSO $CPA $FLT $GILD $CREE top list by IBD rank | Stubby Brown's WS Finance

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