5 notable 52wk highs [EOD20130429] $OII $TARO $BEAV $NKE $RE

results: (csv format)

No.,Symbol,Company Name,Composite Rating,EPS Rating,RS Rating
1,OII,Oceaneering Intl Inc,98,93,85

2,TARO,Taro Pharmaceutical Inds,97,96,91

3,BEAV,B/E Aerospace Inc,97,85,91

4,NKE,Nike Inc Cl B,95,86,84

5,RE,Everest Re Group Ltd,90,72,83

  • stubby’s criteria for screening & ranking of notable 52wk highs.
  • i have no position in $OII $TARO $BEAV $NKE $RE

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  1. #1 by Bose E. Agnew on 2013/05/11 - 10:39 pm

    • #2 by stubbybrown on 2013/05/12 - 1:43 pm

      i’m familiar with barcharts.com. will explore avafin.com/alerts. for technical analysis i’m a regular at worden.com, stocktwits.com, finviz.com, investors.com (CANSLIM), stockcharts.com and twitter. for fundamentals, news & earnings, i’m a regular at streetinsider.com, morningstar.com, bloomberg.com & twitter. my broker is interactivebrokers.com, sort of a mixture of both. i also like barry ritholtz service. on twitter search stock symbols prefixed by “$”. you’d find commentary from all over the place about that particular company of index.

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