brief trading and market summary for 20130501 $LNKD $TYX $TLT

CBOE 30yr T-bond treasury yield index

  • since my previous post on this subject, i have moved my est out when 30yr T-bond yield index $TYX would bottom from may-31-2013 to jun-14-2013.
  • tyx--x_weekly_20130501

notable 52 week highs

  • i have 1 notable high to mention based on my rather stringent criteria: $LNKD
  • i held $LNKD until today and sold for a good gain. great stock, great company but i’m bearish cyclical & aggressive growth equities & the major equity indexes until treasury yields reverse direction. i’ll look to possibly get back in $LNKD at that point.
  • lnkd_daily_20130501

trading outlook & equity positions

  • again, for the near-term, i’m bearish major equity indexes as well as cyclical & aggressive growth sectors in particular until there’s more visibility with interest rates change momentum going back higher. i am long a few remaining equities at the moment (see finviz charts & data): $AMT $ANSS $ASML $AXP $C $CCI $CHD $DE $DTE $DXPE $GMCR $HES $PAA $PNC $PVH $TDG $TGI $TRIP. i may add to defensive related equities like consumer staples, health care, utilities & such. 
  • i am short-term long the following bond related etfs (see finviz charts & info): $BOND $LQD $LTPZ $PDI $TLT and will likely add to them on dips of these holdings until risk-on sentiment has returned to the market – when bond yields change momentum.

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